• @etenil
    135 months ago

    Don’t know if this will have any impact; Apple has resisted fixing design flaws in their past products even with public pressure.

    It’s probably more effective to vote with your wallet and show Apple their behavior isn’t acceptable at your next upgrade.

    • @Kissaki
      125 months ago

      Wallet voting doesn’t work at that scale. The user base overall doesn’t care and doesn’t know better.

      Those that care making noise and politics regulating works, or can work.

      • TechNom (nobody)
        5 months ago

        A big group of Apple fanbase are not ignorant, rather willing accomplices. Just look at the downvotes here. They will do anything to defend Apple’s rogue behavior - like resorting to whataboutery, blaming the EU or even claiming that PWAs are bad.

        My theory is that by defending Apple, they’re trying to make themselves feel important with their overpriced products.

    • @parens
      45 months ago

      And if you’re European, participate in the elections in June to get more parties into the EU bodies that will take legislative action against companies like Apple. The EU is the reason Apple is even attempting this silliness because Apple was designated a gatekeeper in the Digital Markets Act: one of the great EU acts for consumers.