I was a student for many years (5 years of undergrad, 2.5 years of grad school), and I became very comfortable with always being able to look at the syllabus and my grade and know what I needed to do and how well I was performing. Work isn’t like that. Like I think is normal, I get a performance review once a year. I find this unsettling, because even though I come in and do decent work, I still often feel like I’m doing something “wrong” and worry that I’m secretly on the cusp of being fired. Folks who have maybe been working for longer than I have, how do you feel and stay confident in your work?

  • Riskable
    52 months ago

    To be fair, you are always on the cusp of being fired/laid off. Even if you’re the backbone of the company, the best employee, etc.

    Also remember that expectations of young people in a lot of businesses are very low. That’s why they pay the young so poorly 🤷.

    If you seem to be getting work done and your boss isn’t bitching then you’re doing exactly what you’re supposed to be doing. Don’t worry about it.

    Also, when you’re young change jobs every year or two! It’s the best way to make considerably more money over time and no, it will not hurt your resume in the slightest. It merely shows initiative and the fact that everyone wants you (i.e. you’re competent).