Hey everyone! Someone on lemmy is running a eurovision-like event called Lemmyvision that we are participating in.

The community for it is at [email protected]

What is Lemmyvision?

The contest will involve different countries each deciding on one song to send to the contest and then people will be able to vote for which one is their favorite. The aim is to promote different languages and cultures from around the world, to share more between our online communities across Lemmy, and discover songs from lesser known artists.

Why are we in?

Programming.dev isnt a country but we have been given an exception due to one aspect of our instance that usually is not represented in these competitions but still brings a lot of music, game soundtracks.

If you prefer to participate but for your country instead feel free to discuss it over on the country lemmy community, its been getting announced around in some spots

How is our submission decided?

We will be running a vote to select what song we will be sending to the competition.

Over the next week submissions will be open for people to submit 1-2 songs for the voting round. After a week these will be collected and will be voted on in heats before doing a final round vote to determine the winner.

Submission rules

  • Songs must have been released within the last year (after January 1st, 2023).
  • Songs must be used within a game and not be popular OR be made for a game

Example soundtracks

Songs not made within the last year (but are here for inspiration / showing possible vibes of tracks)

Examples of songs made within the last year

Where do I submit songs?

You can submit using this link: https://polls.programming.dev/k27X

Stay tuned for song voting in a week :)

  • Deebster
    5 months ago

    I’d seen the Lemmyverse headline but didn’t realise it wasn’t about Lemming-created music. The actual rules make sense, and I like that the rules will bend to match an instance’s area of interest.

    I wonder if there’s anyone here that fancies making a remix or performance of Tetris or something iconic. Imagine how great a cover by a swing band or similar would be!