So I want to implement my own ROFF. I collected this to have a database for me, and everyone else, about ROFF, especially GROFF.

No-lifes at BSD are trying to push away ROFF in favor of Mandoc. I say booya to that. I will implement a ‘new new roff’!

Anyways I hope you enjoy this series of documents and datasets. ROFF is really, really sweet. It’s the reason we have UNIX.

RIP Lorinda Cherry, she’s the author of eqn and passed away not long ago. When I saw her on the UNIX internal documentary I thought she’s a secretary — and I hope you forgive me since 1980s CS was not exactly a knitting circle.

Ossanna was also a key developer of ROFF. He died not shortly after it was developed.

You can find some blog posts of people reminiscing about using GROFF ‘mom’ package to format their essays and dissertations even! Kinda jelly. I guess when your first PC you are given at 12 has MS Word 2003 installed on it, you don’t think much about DSLs for typesetting. I wish I had something to typeset :D