Hey everyone, ive got pangora-ui (our new frontend being built ([email protected]) to a decent enought state where I can start doing mod actions from it

Due to that ive managed to implement a community hiding system to make certain communities’ posts not show up by default so that we can now fully follow our rules in the sidebar

Communities that are hidden

  • Will show up as having no posts
  • Will not have posts show up in the feeds or from searching

However if you subscribe to a hidden community you will then be able to see all of their posts like normal in every location

Hidden communities will still be findable themselves in the community list and from searching

If you are currently subscribed to hidden communities you should see absolutely no difference in your ability to view them

You should however see the all feed getting more manageable to navigate and sort by new now that it isnt being drowned out by bot posts

Communities that are currently being hidden include: communities that are 50% bot posts or more and politics communities

For bots this includes communities in instances like

  • lemmit.online
  • derp.foo
  • (the bot art community in) lemmy.dbzer0.com
  • zerobytes.monster
  • radiation.party
  • lemmy.smeargle.fans

Quick comparison between our all feed sorted by new vs lemm.ee’s so you can see what hiding bot communities did

You may still see a couple pop up since I havent dealt with all of them yet but the amount of bot communities showing up will get lower and lower over time