I am new to Rust, and have always been interested in how games were made. But man I’ve got to say that just ready the bevy book has been pretty fun. I am looking at all the examples in the repo. I wanna here others perspective on bevy, or Rust game development in general!

    • @solarzonesOP
      23 months ago

      I’ll definitely be looking into it!

  • @fnmain
    143 months ago

    Rust gamedev certainty isn’t easy, but it is fun. Bevy doesn’t have a visual editor like Unity does, which makes it way harder to use. But because it’s not bound to any software like that it makes the engine very flexible. Personally, I like Bevy

  • @[email protected]
    43 months ago

    I’m not a game dev, just a regular dev. I have experimented with Bevy though. The documentation is top notch and there are many examples, YouTube videos and guides for starting out. I followed one such guide that was essentially a space invaders clone. I switched out some of the assets so that it was my brother’s face shooting lasers, and sent it to him.

    At my leisure pace, I finished the tutorial in about a week. I recommend giving it a try. Your first game doesn’t have to be perfect or even complete. My space invaders didn’t even have a background color.