• JackbyDev
    79 days ago

    You’re right, let’s cool things down. This is definitely something I feel strongly about and I’ve been stressed the past day or so. It’s possible some of that anger slipped out in my phrasing.

    When I say “Fuck Chromium based browsers” I don’t mean to imply something like “Fuck you for using them,” even though I do believe you shouldn’t use them. It’s not that serious. But I see how saying “Fuck the thing you chose” followed by “Don’t use that thing” can feel way too aggressive. I’m sorry that it felt like I was attacking you personally. ❤️

    • @[email protected]
      9 days ago

      As a bystander I just want to applaud you for that awesome display of control and de-escalation. It’s too easy to get carried away online and forget that we’re all people, way to be better!

      For the record I’m also a Vivaldi user mainly because Chromium browsers make work easier for me but I refuse to use Chrome. However, as soon as Firefox fully supports sidebar tabs without an extension or CSS modifications I’m going to try to completely jump aboard.