Hey everyone, update on https://programming.dev/post/4613085

We did some changes in the database and it seems like outbound federation is working again. If you run into any more problems with it let us know.

Im pinning this post for around a day to let everyone know since we had the last post pinned for a bit

Any posts or comments made while it was broken still wont be federated but new ones should be. The instance essentially marked all other instances as dead which meant it thought it didn’t have to send things to them

  • AtegonOPMA
    4 months ago

    yeah its our end and thats why. Federation should be fixed now (things posted when down wont be federated still but new things will. Were setting up a cron job now to get this updated every day so it shouldnt be a problem any more)

    After 3 days of no response lemmy considers things dead but the issue is is its not checking for a response

    • Deebster
      14 months ago

      ok, thanks for that, I think I just misunderstood which instance you were talking about when you said “the instance”.

      A related question you might be able to answer: if I search from the recipient’s end and pull over a post that way, is it then federated out by that recipient instance? Or is it better to just delete and repost?

      • snoweMA
        24 months ago

        I am not sure. It might just be best to try. Federation should be very quick these days so if you’re not seeing something in a minute or two then something is most likely wrong.