• @suy
    191 month ago

    Yes. There is already an answer with many votes saying so, but I’ll add myself to the list.

    I don’t have to like all the language, and not even all of the standard library. I learnt C++ with the Qt library, and I still do 99% of my development using Qt because it’s the kind of software that I like to write the most. I can choose the parts that I like the most about the full C++ ecosystem, like most people do (you would have to see how different game development is, for example).

    I’m also learning Rust, and I see nothing wrong with it. It’s just that I see C++ better for the kind of stuff that I need to write (at this time at least).

    • @refalo
      21 month ago

      personally I just can’t get over the syntax to even try rust. to me it just looks terrible. I know not everybody agrees though. that and having even longer compile times and no mature gui framework

      • @[email protected]
        11 month ago

        IMO the syntax is fine except for the borrow checker shit that just looks arcane. The fact that everything cargo drags in is statically linked really turns me off the language for anything serious. It’s really unfortunate because I’d otherwise put some time into learning it, but it seems like the rust foundation is fine with this (ridiculous IMO) workflow.