Day 25: Snowverload

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  • @cvttsd2si
    46 months ago


    all done!

    def parseLine(a: String): List[UnDiEdge[String]] = a match
        case s"$n: $r" => r.split(" ").map(_ ~ n).toList
        case _ => List()
    def removeShortestPath(g: Graph[String, UnDiEdge[String]], ns: List[String]) =
    def removeTriple(g: Graph[String, UnDiEdge[String]], ns: List[String]) =
    def division(g: Graph[String, UnDiEdge[String]]): Option[Long] =
        val t = g.componentTraverser()
        Option.when(t.size == 2)(
    def task1(a: List[String]): Long = 
        val g = Graph() ++ a.flatMap(parseLine)
        g.nodes.toList.combinations(2).map(a => removeTriple(g,