Hey everyone! I set up a private leaderboard for the programming.dev community so we can have one for the community in addition to the global one

The leaderboard code is 3316962-6587d422

Looking forward to seeing you guys there! Ill make a post at the end with the top people on the leaderboard and the version on the site will auto update as people complete challenges

Full instructions on Joining the Leaderboard

  • Log in on https://adventofcode.com/ using one of the methods such as through GitHub
  • Go to the leaderboard section in the navbar
  • Click the private leaderboard button on the page
  • Enter 3316962-6587d422 into the text box for entering a leaderboard join code
  • Click join

Update: Ive made a new leaderboard so that I could rename it to something that isnt just my username, the code there is updated to the new one that should be joined

  • AtegonOPMA
    8 months ago

    Update: Ive make a new leaderboard with code 3316962-6587d422 that has a name that isnt just my username (for some reason AoC only lets the leaderboard be an account name) since theres not many people on it currently and so its easy to find when the events going on

    If you joined the last one rejoin this new one

    • @hardaker
      47 months ago

      Joined! I figured I’d be in last place considering both nights so far have taken me about 30 minutes. Glad too see no one is using AI on this board.

    • @[email protected]
      28 months ago

      For some reason this didnt federate to p.d but ill reply here

      No way without making a new account and making the leaderboard on that, I can do that real quick and update the link